Hybrid Soul Project
"Food for your eardrums..."

Who is Hybrid Soul Project?

Hybrid Soul Project is comprised of six members: Shayla L., Sara Renee', Mark PriceJohnathan Smith, Jaysen Lapsley, and Tajae Mosley. We all bring something different and special to the table. We are not limited to any one genre of music. We believe there is soul in all music. We all come from different origins. Different life experiences make us who we are. We believe that we can best capture and express life's boldest statements as well as its most subtle declarations through our music. Our fans say that they often experience something that can't easily be put into words - a contagious feeling of freeness that can lighten your load and make you see things in a different way. This is our calling. This is our passion. Come and experience it with us.



Check us out on YouTube:

Live at the vclub http://youtu.be/ZpQX18dR9gQ

Green Light  http://youtu.be/HFlDT3xZq7Q

I Can't Help It  http://youtu.be/i2Rc0qN1yys

Ain't Nobody   http://youtu.be/X-nRMBKy2IA

Can't Hide Love   http://youtu.be/PyJ8GvNxDS4

I Put A Spell On You   http://youtu.be/x-T8aU8wubg

What's Going On   http://youtu.be/LfRSJ9yFeIo

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